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Rejection is never fun. But while it's impossible to help feeling hurt, it is possible to handle it with grace - just like this man did after his OK Cupid date brushed him off. A woman named Erin posted a text online that she received after rejecting a man she met through online dating, not because he had replied with a horrible insult or a request for his money back , but simply because he had behaved like a mature, nice person.

Why can't they all be this way?! Scroll down for video.

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Nice surprise: A woman named Erin shared a message she received from a date she rejected where he maturely encourages her to 'say hi' if they bump into each other and adds she is 'pretty and fun' file photo. According to the ensuing message, the pair apparently went to see the new Peanuts movie, which they agree on being even more of a dud than their date. The text message, with the unnamed man's thoughtful message begins with him apologizing for 'the lack of communication'.

He goes on to add that while things would 'never work' for them, he wanted her to know that she is 'really pretty and fun'. Gold standard: Erin replied to the man sharing his sentiments - both on future run-ins and the Peanuts movie. The young man then makes the reasonable point that given they know '50 of the same people and like the same music' they are likely to bump into each other, in which case he encourages Erin to 'say hi when it happens'.

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He then ends the message with a comment about how 'horrible' the Peanuts movie was. Grateful Erin also included her reply to the message in her Facebook post, echoing his sentiments by saying he was 'definitely a lot of fun and attractive but we aren't for each other'. Ivy Pierce is a Cupid who prides herself on doing her job well.

Love at first sight

Except Beau, please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Cupid's Beau I highly recommend this tasty Valentine treat to all readers! It was sweet, funny and romantic. Table of contents. Just add a blanket , baguette, and fireplace. Satisfy your inner child with these peanut butter cupcakes with strawberry jam-infused frosting. Pretty in pink, this hummus is perfect for snacking, spreading, and dipping. This one's for the kids no doubt, but even adults can't resist the good ol' milk and cookies combo. Impress your vegan Valentine with this creamy, "cheesy" tasting pasta that doesn't use cream or cheese.

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It's a known fact that Pop Tarts can improve your love life. Don't believe us? Try this homemade version and see for yourself. Would you believe this steakhouse-quality dinner takes less than 20 minutes to throw together? It's true. Shape 'em like hearts and cover with pink frosting to really up your relationship karma. If you and your beau are staying away from the restaurant scene this Valentine's Day, indulge in this gooey skillet cookie. Looking for a last-minute romantic dinner idea? This dish has only seven ingredients and is ready in 10 minutes.

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[ASMR] Cupid Role Play! (Valentine's Day Special!)

When we seen Una she was a lovely looking dog,sat there quite in her cage it was like we chose each other. Dear Dogs Trust Harefield, We just wanted to forward you this thank you letter from our lovely mastiff, Phoebe, whom we adopted from your center last year in August. Brought Poppet she was called Eyre home and she settled in straight away, she is still timid with others which sometimes comes across as grumpy but we wouldn't be without her now she brightens up the whole families life.

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